How to Install a Brother TN-730 Toner Cartridge

hi this is Eric from LD products andtoday I’m going to be showing you how to replace a toner cartridge in the BrotherHL-L2350 DW laser printer a brand new Brother HL-L2350 DW includes the TN-730starter cartridge and the DR-730 drum unit.

Today we’re only going to befocusing on replacing the toner cartridge but it’s important to notehere that the drum unit is a separate consumable and it generally needs to bereplaced after the use of three or four toner cartridges.

Cartridges are sold ina standard yield and high-yield cartridge size which offers more prints.

So replacing a cartridge in this machine is easy the first thing you want to dois open up the door to access the spent toner cartridge. Now for this printer the cartridge is actually sitting inside the drum unit so you need to take out the entire unit in order to remove the cartridge. It all comes out in one pieces you can see so let’s go ahead and set the unit on a flat surface and remove the cartridge from the drum unit. If you notice on the left-hand side ofthe unit there’s a little green tab here to remove the toner you’re just gonna pull down on the tab and the toner will pop right out.

So like we mentionedearlier the drum unit is a separate consumable and generally only needs tobe replaced after the use of three or four toner cartridges your printer willlet you know it’s almost time to replace your drum so we’re gonna go ahead andset the drum aside for now and move on to the rest of the installation process.

Ok so let’s start with a brand new brother original cartridge let’s open itup first. Okay we’ve got our brand-new Brother cartridge here we recommend opening toner cartridges over a trash can sometimes toner powder can escape from the cartridge during this process anythings might get a bit messy.

First thing you want to do is remove the orangeplastic clip on the end of the cartridge.

This clip protects the cartridge while it’s in transit and the cartridge won’t fit into the machine if it’s still attached, before you install the toner into the printer gently shake it back and forth a few times just to redistribute the toner powder.

Now with the cartridge prepped we’re gonna go ahead and insert it intothe drum unit.

All you have to do is just pull back on the green tab again.

Slide it into the drum unit so it clicks now it should be secured in thereand going as one unit just like we took it out.

Let’s open up the printer, we’llslide the entire unit back into the printerclose up the front cover and we’re ready to print.

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