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Download Epson L3120 Adjustment Program

Epson L3120 Adjustment Program its Help to Reset Your Printer !

I recently purchased a used Epson L3120 and found that it didn’t work quite right. Some of the buttons did not respond and the printer could not pick up paper from the tray. Since I am somewhat familiar with these types of printers and have used them frequently in the past, I decided to open it up and fix the problem myself. Doing so was much easier than I anticipated and what I found was a poorly designed machine inside. Let me be clear that I was able to fix my particular model which worked great for a while but if your model does not work then you will probably want to consider replacing it with a different printer unless you are good at fixing electronics and other machines. Epson L3120 Adjustment Program is the best Epson printer adjustment tool to fix many common errors facing commonly in your printers. It assists you to reset all Epson L3120 Printer components quickly. You can check our master bedroom additions at A simple software helps you to Update firmware, clean errors such as blinking, and service required, and solve all other problems which are occurring in your Epson L3120 Printer. Using this program, you can set flashing lights on any Epson printer and thus save time and money by not having to take it to the workshop. The following section will help you download the latest version of the program for all kinds of Windows operating systems.

Takeaway: At the end of this video, you will be able to download the Epson adjustment program from our site without any error.

What is Epson L3120 Adjustment Program?

The program resets the waste ink counters and then cleans them out from all software. All you have to do is, download the program and install it on your computer. After that, you can connect your printer to the computer, run the program and reset your printer.

When the printer is reset it will resume back to its normal state and start working normally as if it were just new. You don’t have to worry about anything because everything will be taken care by the Epson L3120 Adjustment Program.

By using this Epson L3120 Adjustment Program, you can easily fix two common issues of your printer. One is that the waste ink pads are full and need to be replaced. The other issue is that your printer cannot run properly because of some reason.

How to use Epson L3120 Adjustment Program?

How to use Epson L3120 Adjustment Program?

  • Press the Download button to download the Epson L3120 Adjustment Program program.
  • Unzip the file
  • Open and run AdjProg.exe. (right click on AdjProg and run as administrator)
  • Select Particular adjustment mode
  • Select Waste ink pad counter
  • Click OK
  • Select Main Pad Counter and click Initialization
  • Do the same with Platen Pad Counter
  • Turn off printer and turn on back again.
  • Now your printer is reset and ready for use

How to download Epson L3120 Adjustment Program?

Download Epson L3120 Adjustment Program:

The link is being prepared for download

  • 1. Download the Epson Adjustment Program
  • 2. Extract the ZIP file
  • 3. Open the folder named AdjProg
  • 4. Run the AdjProg executable file
  • 5. Select Particular Adjustment Mode
  • 6. Select Waste Ink Pad Counter, click Check then click Initialization to reset Waste Ink Pad Counter to zero in Epson L3120 printer.

By following the steps given you can easily use Epson L3120 Adjustment Program.

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