Printer problems and solutions

By | 27/03/2018
  • Problem: When you print a print command in the printer, do not print clean ?

> Solutions:This problem can be due to several reasons. First, check the data cable of the printer. Open the need to clean up and reconnect and select the right printer when printing.

If it does not work, unplug the printer driver from the ADD / REMOVE program on the control panel and install it again. The virus can also be caused by the virus, so clean the virus with a new powerful antivirus. Note that in addition to Norton, AVG is a powerful antivirus software. Although the printer’s memory chips are bad, this type of garbage can be printed. In this case, you can contact the vendor.

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  • Problem:Printer is not on power?

>Cartridge has to be sorted out. Power line, power cable, switch to check. Power section’s capacitors, transistors, printer adapters should be checked.

Hopefully you have successfully downloaded the file, if any file does not have a download link please let us know, we will try to fix it very soon. Remember this website is for you, if you have not received the file for your printer then fill out our contact form and send it. Our representative will send the file to your email within 24 hours. Fill up The Contact Form

  • Problem:Printer can not drag paper?

>See if there is anything stuck inside and need to be cleaned. PW Sensor T is to be seen. Puli, Ruler must be checked.

  • Problem:The print half of the rest stopped?

>Uninstall the printer software and install it again. The printer cable may be loose. Check the pumping winters. Need to check bamts, peas.

  • Problem: Print but the text comes blurred?

Cartridge, Toner, Ribbon may have problems. Head may have problems. There may be problems with photo converter winters.

  • Problem:Print stuck?

Ruler can do the problem. Pumping Vinin will be cleaned. PW Sensor T is to be checked. The chamber must be checked.

  • Problem:Is the sound of printing time?

This problem can be caused by decreasing whilst Greece. If there is a loss of Pinyam, then it has to be changed. Motor can have problems.

  • Problem: Printer Ribbon Tires?

>You should see if the printer alignment is correct. Masks, ruler, head pins to be checked. You need to check out Pinyam Motor.

  • Problem:Printer prints out only paper?

The printer software has to be newly installed. Print Sensor T will be checked.

  • Problem: Print is not printed if you command?

>Uninstall the printer software and install it again. There may be problems with data cable or USB cable. Print memory should be checked. Cartridge has to be checked.