Xerox Workcentre 3335DNi A4 Mono Multifunction Laser Printer

By | 17/08/2018

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I’m Suzanne, and welcome to today’sPrinterland Review, where we’ll be looking at the Xerox Workcentre 3335DNi A4 Mono Multifunction Laser Printer.The Xerox Workcentre 3335 is a wireless multifunctionmono laser printer, which allows you to print, scan, copy and fax all from one versatile machine.The 3335DNi is perfect for workgroups lookingto multitask and increase productivity, whist keeping the cost of resources to a minimum.It comes with automatic double sided printingas standard, which can reduce paper usage by up to 50%.You can also save time by scanning and copyingmulti-page documents easily with the 50 sheet automatic document feeder.The Workcentre 3335 comes with a variety ofuseful features for performing tasks without having to leave the printer.

For example, it can scan documents directlyto your network, USB drive or email, making it easier to perform scanning directly from the machine.It is also very user-friendly, with a large 4.3-inch touch screen interface for simple operation.With the ability to print at up to 33 pagesper minute, as well as scan and copy at high speed all from one machine, you’ll be ableto save both valuable time and space in the office.The 3335DNi is Apple Airprint and Google CloudPrint ready, meaning that when connected to your wireless network you can print straightfrom any Apple or Android device without any complex set up procedures.It also allows mobile devices to be connectedsimply and securely via Wi-Fi Direct, so you can print and scan even without an existingWi-Fi network in place.

The 3335DNi accepts extra high capacity tonercartridges of up to 15,000 pages, which significantly reduces cost of ownership and means you’llbe printing for much longer without the need to replace cartridges.So, for us the Xerox Workcentre 3335DNi A4Mono Multifunction Laser Printer, is perfect for workgroups who are looking for a veryversatile machine that can handle your documents securely, but can also deliver high printcapacity and low ongoing running costs.For more information on specifications, have a look on our website or if you’d prefer,get in contact with one of our experts.

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