Our Inkjet Printer and Rip Software Setup for Screen Printing Film

By | 17/08/2018

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what is up screen printers Matt with Mikey Designs here I had a question from James Woodard James I hope I’m saying that right he wanted to know what printer we use and what software we used to rip our half towns or just rip software in general so James this is for you we’re gonna give you just a little quick rundown of what we use stick around here’s our film setup what we use is an Epson 1430 and I like to use accurate black pearl software you can see that I’m actually outputting film now and the software is laying down half tones let’s see if I can get my camera the focus here but is laying some halftone dots you see it doing its thing and Actually have an all black ink set up and that set up is let me see if I can get that out for you guys but this is basically the setup that you can get from for most screen printing vendors and it comes with these little ink cartridges that you can refill the initial kit is about 150 bucks the refills for all six of these colors is $100 essentially what you’ll get is this setup here and it’s a all-black setup it’s time for us to get some more but generally it comes in these little packets and you have these refill cartridges there they’re all black and you can put that in every single one of the colors as you can see I’m making quite the Messier something I need to toss out but the software James that I’d like to use is as a key written and it’s the accurate black pearl and it does a really great job I had the previous version and updated to this one about a year ago I think the software sets you back about $350 but it works really great I hope this helps James if anybody out there has a question about our setup or how we go about doing certain processes and our screen printing setup drop us a line leave us a comment and we’ll do our best to to help you guys out hopefully we can make a video these things you take a lot of time so until next time guys we’ll see you later.Our Inkjet Printer and Rip Software Setup

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